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Breast Cancer Survivors Keep Dancing

October 29, 2019

“Life is like a disco, no matter how the music changes, you just keep on dancing.” The charmed quote is taken from an American movie, Jumping the Broom (2011), and captured the essence of St. Catherine of Siena Hospital’s 8th Annual Pink Ribbon Salute, held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Each year, the breast cancer survivor event adopts a creative theme to add a layer of fun to the celebration.

This year, the event took on a disco theme—and more than 100 breast cancer survivors showed up in their best Saturday Night Fever attire—ready to dance the night away as they triumph, despite the changes cancer may have brought upon their lives. “It was wonderful to see familiar and new faces in our growing family of courageous women celebrating their fearless determination to overcome,” said St. Catherine’s Administrative Director of Reconstructive Microsurgery Diana Yoon-Schwartz, MD, PhD, FACS.

The event was moderated by St. Catherine’s Breast Health Navigator Meiling Alsen, RN, and a special welcome was given by Chief Nursing Officer Mary Jane Finnegan, MS, RN. “When I look at all of you, I know I am surrounded by strong, courageous women, along with your family members and friends, who have survived or are in the process of surviving a fight that no one should ever have to fight—you truly are my inspiration,” said Finnegan. 

The welcome was followed by the latest updates in breast care by St. Catherine’s Medical Director of Breast Health Services Jana Deitch, MD, FACS, who also took the opportunity to address survivors directly. “Tonight is a wonderful night about celebrating women who fight the tough fight every day—you are not only surviving, but thriving and giving back to other women who may need some encouragement on the journey to healing,” said Deitch.

“Life is like a disco, no matter how the music changes, you just keep on dancing.” 

The disco mood was further set with live renditions of the era’s top hits, played by Just Cause Band. The band originated by attorneys has grown into a diversified group, born from the love of music and a desire to help the community by supporting charity events at no cost. Thanks to the philanthropic and harmonizing skills of Just Cause Band, survivors and supporters danced and sang all night, and when the rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” was played, the room erupted in unified triumph. “It is a moment I will always remember—it was electrifying and inspiring,” said Dr. Deitch.

The Pink Ribbon has become a tradition that survivors and staff look forward to annually. “Our survivors and staff dance the night away in celebration—it is an evening we all cherish, filled with laughter and hope, share with family and friends,” said St. Catherine’s Medical Director of Breast Imaging Anne Green, MD. “I’m proud to be a part of an exceptional group of compassionate breast health specialists who service patients from one location in their own community—we are a community that provides the true continuum of care for our patients—so, we will keep on dancing right beside them!”

The Pink Ribbon Salute is supported by St. Catherine of Siena’s senior leadership, and the event was co-sponsored with the support of Suffolk Anesthesia Associates, Genomic Health, Inc. Myriad Genetics, New York Cancer Specialists, New Street Plastic Surgery, and Square Care.

St. Catherine of Siena is a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, as designated by the American College of Radiology. St. Catherine of Siena's Breast Center provides innovative, comprehensive care for women of all ages and backgrounds in a welcoming and supportive environment. The Breast Health Program combines cutting-edge technology, including 3D mammography, with personalized interest to offer a broad range of clinical and support services from screening and diagnosis to treatment and counseling. The multidisciplinary team consists of physicians, surgical specialists, nurses, specialized technologists, radiologists, a breast health nurse navigator, and is dedicated to caring for the physical and psychosocial needs of all patients.

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