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Weight Loss

Nutrition and Lifestyle Management: The Siena Proactive Weight Loss Program

The Siena Proactive Internal Medicine Weight Loss and Management Program at St. Catherine’s of Siena is a comprehensive plan focused on safe and effective weight loss. Our goal is to help a patient achieve their optimal health by reducing the risk factors and comorbidities associated with excessive body weight and obesity through customized medical treatments in conjunction with permanent lifestyle modifications. Our proactive, multidisciplinary approach to weight loss is a medically supervised program designed to restore your individual body composition and improve your overall health and well-being.

Meet the Staff


Deborah Blenner, MD, Program Director, Siena Internal Medicine Weight Management Program
Dr. Deborah Blenner provides family medicine and specializes in Weight Management, Internal Medicine and treats adolescents twelve years and older. She and her staff have the experience, expertise and compassion to help you improve your overall health.

The Program

  • Initial interview to help determine the reasons and factors for your weight gain
  • Medical evaluation – comprehensive lab testing, metabolic testing, fitness testing
  • Polar Body Age Fit Assessment – calculates your body age to your chronological age
  • Customized Weight Management Plan – personal plan based on your individual test results, goals, and health considerations
  • Latest FDA approved weight loss medications
  • Natural weight loss supplements and hormones
  • Nutritional Counseling by a Registered Dietician
  • Fitness training with a Certified Strength and Fitness Specialist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker for behavioral therapy including eating disorders and addiction

Meeting Your Expectations

Our weight loss and lifestyle management program is a safe and effective method for long term weight loss. By keeping weight off and reducing health risk factors our patients can expect an improvement in their overall health and - achieve a natural, healthy weight with the aid of:

  • Proven, effective skills to lose weight and keep it off
  • Personal medical diets
  • Guidance for healthy lifestyle changes
  • Reduced health risk factors
  • Reassessment of current medication that may cause weight gain
  • Nutrition and fitness education
  • Fitness and flexibility training
  • BMI - Body Composition Analysis
  • On-going support for long term success
  • Evaluation of new medicines for weight control

Turn a four month commitment to the Siena Proactive Weight Management Program Into a lifetime of a healthier, happier you!

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